Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Andrea and I went to Shelton today. We had lunch with Patty Frantz at Alderbrook, crab mac and cheese YUM! Then went to Double Helix, I was really impressed, what a set up! There is a lot of technical stuff involved in making silvered glass and holy cow was it interesting to hear about! Then on to Frantz Art glass. On the way back to Pt Townsend we saw a large herd of elk on the side of the highway!


Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

what a great day we had........ I will just add it to another Nicole and Andrea adventure..... looking forward to many more..

Shelly said...

I SO need to get over to your neck of the woods and see what's going on!

So many great places and women to visit! I get stuck in Snohomish and although I SO love our town and the people in the community, I really need to explore more of the state!

Thanks for sharing!!!